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Posts from March 2011

Victory Garden Video

Looking for resources to teach a World War II Unit? Here are a few I found:

The Good Fight : How World War II Was Won by Stephen E. Ambrose. This book is excellent and perfect for family reading.

Mr. Donn's World War II Lesson Plans.

Create a World War II Memory Book.

Start a Victory Garden! Watch this old video for instructions!

Victory Garden Video
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A Woman’s Place - Book Review

As homeschoolers, we often look for books that complement our lesson plans in science, history, music, art, etc. One place I look for books for teens is the Christian bookstore. Here, you’ll find all sorts of wonderful books written for adults, but that are perfectly wonderful for teens. They are great stories, written in all genres (mystery, fantasy, historical fiction, etc.), and clean!

Lynn Austin is one of my favorite authors in the Christian book world. Austin has written a number of books set during the 20th century, a time period that, until recently, hasn’t been written about very much.

"A Woman's Place" is the first book of hers I read. This is the story of four women during the 1940s, a time when the role of women began to change from stay-at-home mom to
"get out and work

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Plants are for Spring

It's almost spring time, and spring is a great time to do a unit study on plants. Here are some fun resources for a quick plant unit. 

Scienceworks For Kids: Plants. This workbook has fun reproducible worksheets that your read/write students will like.

Hands-On, Minds-On Science: Plants. This has lots of hands-on activities that your kinesthetic kids will love!

Dissect a virtual cell: Virtual Cell Dissection

Or, get a real plant and dissect it for real! Wiki Lesson on Plant Dissection includes instructions, diagrams and worksheets.

Press flowers. YouTube video on making a flower press.

Take the Great Plant Escape - on online adventure into the world of plants.

Grow a garden: My First Garden. Here you'll find instructions for a garden as well as some teacher resources for

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