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Modern Pioneers in Classical Education: Susan Wise Bauer

One of the first Classical Pioneers of the 21st Century is an English Professor from the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, VA.

Susan Wise Bauer first entered the homeschooling community as a student. Though homeschooling was mostly unheard-of at that time, her parents not only created a solid educational environment, they followed a neo-classical style of their own design (including teaching Susan Latin at the age of 10). She was a good student, devouring everything that they offered her. Books were the central feature of her education and weekly trips to the library were a special treat. By the time Susan was 17, she had completed her studies at home and was accepted into college as a Presidential Scholar and National Merit Finalist. While in College, Susan earned a B.S. in

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Using a Camera in Your Homeschool

Today, just about everyone has a digital camera or a mobile phone that takes pictures. Why not use this handy tool in your homeschool? Here are some ideas:

Field trips:

Take photos of animals at the zoo, aquarium, or natural history museum. Create a notebook with one photo per page. Have your students label the photo with the name of the animal, as well as write a short report that includes the animal’s classification, natural habitat, diet, and other facts of interest.

Take photos of historical sites. Have your students write a short report about the historical significance of the site or a biography of a famous person connected to the site. Include photos in the report. For younger children, create a matching game. Using a large poster board, paste photos on the board along

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Opal Wheeler Biographies

One of my favorite series of biographies was written in the 1930s and 40s by Opal Wheeler. For a long time, they were out of print and you could only find used copies. Now, they are back in print! 

Each book tells the story of a famous composer from his childhood to his death. Here are the titles in the series:

Simple, pen and ink illustrations add

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Learning With the Movies - Review

Learning with the Movies
 by Beth Holland includes a listing of cinema movies and made-for-TV movies that will enrich any unit study or lesson plan.

The beauty 
of this guide is that all the movies are organized chronologically 
beginning with Bible Times and Ancient Egypt through 1900's. If you're
 doing a study on Rome, simply look through the section on Ancient Rome. 
In the Rome section, she has included Ben-Hur, Demetrius 
and the Gladiator, Fall of the Roman Empire, Julius Caesar, Jupiter's 
Darling, Quo Vadis?, The Robe, Sign of the Pagan (about Attila the 
Hun), and Spartacus. There is also some blank space for you to list 
additional movies as you find them.

She has also 
included movies related to the Music/Arts (example: The

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