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5 Things You Must Do Before Going to a Homeschool Conference

Buying curriculum in the early 80's, when I started homeschooling, was a challenge because curriculum was nearly impossible to obtain. Today, however, homeschool families have a new problem: There's too much curriculum available. Go to a homeschool conference and you’ll soon see what I mean!

Fortunately, you can eliminate some of the guesswork in purchasing curriculum by following a few guidelines outlined below:

1. Prepare Before you Go

If you go to a curriculum fair unprepared, you will spend way too much money and come home with a lot of stuff you don’t need. The solution: prepare a shopping list ahead of time.

Homeschool Planning forms

2. Determine What Your Child Needs

Do some assessment. What does each of your children need, this year? What grade level requirements

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Wipe Clean Worksheet Cover

I found these today browsing my local education store. Wipe Clean Worksheet Covers by What a great way to save money! Simply place your worksheet between the plastic cover and then use a dry erase marker to complete the worksheet. After your done, wipe clean and use again another day! How cool is that! Only $2.99 each.

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