Continuing Education

Even if you already have a college degree, continuing your education is a great way to bolster your teaching skills, and add inspiration to your homeschooling curriculum. Although there are countless resources on the market, I’ll give you a short list of my favorites.

A Well Educated Mind by Susan Wise Bauer is a book that helps homeschooling parents walk through the process of building their own understanding of classic literature. It’s a wonderful book with plenty of guidance. However, because it included some “assignments” to help sharpen your skills, it is best read within a group setting. If you have a few friends that are interested in studying literature, I would highly recommend this book.

iTunes University offers free seminars on a number of different topics from a variety of universities. Many of these courses are actual lectures given at the universities, and transferred to iTunes for the benefit of the general public. Though they will not earn you any college credit, they are free; and available anytime you want them.

Kindle and other e-book readers can be a great way to stay connected to your favorite news sources. As my children get older, I find myself fielding more and more questions about world events and politics. Using my e-book reader to automatically download my favorite news papers, journals, and literary magazines gives me a steady diet of quality information from reputable sources.

Whatever your interests or inclinations, continuing your own education is a significant benefit to both you and your children. With the number of resources available, it has never been easier… or cheaper!

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