Homeschool Helper

Homeschool Helper is an app for the iPad that is absolutely amazing! It's perfect for keeping track of your student's grades, attendance, book lists, field trips, tasks, and more. 

Here's why I like it: You can set up unlimited number of students and everything is customizable. No preprogrammed anything. Simple input your child's name, add the courses he or she is taking, track attendance on a simple calendar device (one click), and record grades. The app does everything else including calculating the grades and creating reports. The grade calculator even scales grades and you can change the scale for each individual student!

The reports can be viewed or emailed or printed. You can print a report card, attendance sheet, list of books read, tasks to be done and more.  

The app also includes all the help you need in the form of a help file and videos.

This is perfect for a family with one or multiple children and can be used over multiple years. At a price of $4.99, this is a bargain! No more expensive software; and, with the iPad, it's easy to take anywhere. You can work on it while waiting at the doctor's office! 

I'm trying the app with my co-op class, but it's not as easy when working with this many students in the same course. I would need it to edit in a "course" mode, rather than student mode. Perhaps the next update? Pretty please! 

You can purchase Homeschool Helper on iTunes.

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