Medieval Life

Medieval Life features sound effects and interactive pen and ink drawings, paintings, and photographs that tell the story of life in the middle ages. It includes information on castle life, cathedrals, farms, towns, work, play, food, clothing, religion, homes, children, women, knights, tools, weapons, monastery, Vikings and Viking ships.

Pros: The sound effects, such as dogs barking, a blacksmith clanking tools, geese honking, and monks chanting, help pull you back into the middle ages. I like that. I also found it fun trying to find all the interactive hot spots; kind of like playing “Where’s Waldo.”


Cons: There is no animation or video including in the app. Although the pictures are interesting and there is a bit of interactivity, this app lacks the features that would really keep a child’s attention. It’s basically a “pop-up” book on the iPad. I think a pop-up book would be more entertaining; however, a pop-up book that includes as many pop-ups and as much information would cost a fortune to produce. This app is currently at $5.99, which although a bit high for an app, is better than the cost of a comparative book.

Education Value: 5 stars

Entertainment Value: 2 stars

Overall: A convenient and comparatively inexpensive tool to enrich a unit study on medieval life – for that I would give it 4 stars

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