Teaching Composition Can be FUN!

Most language arts curriculum teach grammar and mechanics, but spend very little time teaching actual composition skills. Here’s a resource that will make teaching composition fun for the kids.

Don’t Forget to Write for the Elementary Grades includes 50 lessons for ages 5 to 12, as well as a self-assessment checklist, evaluation rubrics, and common core curriculum standards.

Here’s what makes this book effective:

  • Each lesson includes activities to get the kids interested in writing such as a watching a video, building something, brainstorming, or role-playing. This sets the stage for the writing assignment.
  • Next, students are invited to discuss the prewriting activity. This prepares them for the actual assignment.
  • Finally, the students are given the assignment along with step-by-step instructions, appropriate worksheets on which to organize their writing, and ideas to get started.
  • The ideas for writing aren’t your usual everyday ideas, either. Students will write about eating tuna and Jell-O sundaes, mosquito ranching, codes and ciphers, how to be the next president of the United States, monsters in their lunch bag, the secret life of groceries, how to open a bag of chips without making any noise, how to wrestle an alligator, and dozens of other zany topics. How fun is that!

In order to teach kids to write well, they have to write often. Although Don't Forget to Write is written for classroom use, there's plenty here that can be used in a homeschool setting to make "writing often" FUN!  

Note: There is a second book, Don't Forget to Write for Secondary Grades, that is perfect for your 7-12th graders.

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