Using a Camera in Your Homeschool

Today, just about everyone has a digital camera or a mobile phone that takes pictures. Why not use this handy tool in your homeschool? Here are some ideas:

Field trips:

Take photos of animals at the zoo, aquarium, or natural history museum. Create a notebook with one photo per page. Have your students label the photo with the name of the animal, as well as write a short report that includes the animal’s classification, natural habitat, diet, and other facts of interest.

Take photos of historical sites. Have your students write a short report about the historical significance of the site or a biography of a famous person connected to the site. Include photos in the report. For younger children, create a matching game. Using a large poster board, paste photos on the board along with some interesting facts. Have them draw lines to match the photo with the fact.

Hands-on Activities and Art Projects.

Take photos of hands-on activities (such as building a volcano, dissecting an earthworm, or building a log cabin) and art creations your child has completed. Have your student write a report about the subject for composition class. For younger students, have them write a letter to a relative about the activity or art project and include photos.

Keep all these photos in your child's portfolio or in a special album. You’ll love looking through these together when they are older!

You'll find more ideas for a photography unit study on this website. 

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