Create an advertisement for a newspaper from the time period being studied. Example: When studying the Land Run of Oklahoma, create an advertisement for a horse to ride in the run.

Write an autobiography. For younger children, have them cut and paste photos of themselves from birth to present day, one to a page, and write a brief caption.

Write a bibliography (Author, Book Title, Publisher, Publication Date) of the books used for researching a particular topic.

Write a biography of a famous person studied in the topic.

Write a 26-page alphabetical autobiography or biography, as an alphabet book. "A is for Arizona. (Name of person) was born in state of Arizona."

Write a Book Review of a book read about the topic.

Create a travel guide about a country, state, or city being studied.

Create and draw a cartoon that illustrates something learned about the topic.

Create a catalog of items that might be available for sale during the time period being studied.

Illustrate facts related to the topic with charts and graphs.

Write a Consumer Guide about a product that might be available during the time period being studied or about a scientific invention that was studied.

Write a contract. Ex: Write a contract between Columbus and the Queen relating to his sailing to the New World.

Write definitions to new words learned in the lesson. Keep in a special notebook.

Write an editorial (Letter to Editor) for a newspaper that might have been published during the time period being studied. (Example: When studying William Penn, write a letter to the editor about the need for starting a library in town.

Write an essay that persuades, informs, or entertains related to the topic.

Write an explanation of how something worked.

Write a fable related to the topic of study.

Write a story about a character who lives in the time period being studied (historical fiction). (Character, Plot, Theme, Setting, Point of View, Conflict)

Create a flyer that illustrates something learned. Example: When studying sound, create a flyer about a new hearing aid being developed.

Write an Interview of someone being studied.

Write a personal letter (Heading, Greeting, Body, Closing, Signature, Envelope) to someone being studied or about someone being studied.

Write a business letter (Heading, Greeting, Body, Closing, Signature, Envelope) to the chamber of commerce to ask for brochures and information about a state being studied.

Create a magazine that illustrates what is being studied.

Create a menu for a restaurant of the time period; write up recipes and then cook them. Have a special meal which includes your recipes.

Write a mystery related to the topic.

Write a News Article/Newspaper related to the topic being studied. Include front page stories, classified ads, cartoons, editorials, weather, etc. 

Create a newsletter about the topic being studied.

Write a play related to the topic.

Write poetry related to the topic. (Sonnet, Ballad, Haiku, Epic, Limerick, Cinquain, Ode, Stanza, Couplet, Blank Verse). Use 30 Days of Poetry as a guide

Write a postcard to a friend. Pretend you are living at the time of the event you are studying.

Develop and write up a questionnaire or survey related to the topic.

Create a quiz about the topic.

Write a report about the topic - beginning writers (pdf document, Acrobat Reader needed). 
Use free forms as a starting point. 

Write a report (Topic Sentence, Details, Organization, Closing Statement) about the topic. 4th+

Write a research paper (Note Taking, Outline, First Draft, Editing, Rewriting, Bibliography) about the topic. 7th+

Write a resume to get a job during the time period being studied. 7th+

Write riddles related to the topic.

Create signs or posters related to the topic.

Write a song about the topic.

Write a telegram related to the topic.

Write a Thank You Note to someone that relates to the topic.

Write a letter to Henry Ford suggesting he install a CD player in his new automobile, or write a letter from Moses telling the Israelites what to bring on the trip.

Prepare an invitation to the inauguration of President Lincoln, the launching of the Titanic, or the lighting of Edison’s light bulb.

Write a script for a play or television show relating to a topic such as “As the Wheel Turns”—a show about the invention of the wheel or “Phone Improvement”—a show about Alexander Graham Bell.

Create an advertisement for a product such as silk, the printing press, rabies vaccine, etc. and then create a brochure, poster, sign, television ad, radio ad, or newspaper ad for it.

Make a travel brochure for a country or city being studied.

Write a newspaper article or editorial relating to a topic being studied such as a news flash about SCUD missiles during Desert Storm or an editorial trying to convince the citizens of Philadelphia they should insist that a telegraph system be installed at the local library

Write a script and then video tape yourself doing a weather forecast based on actual data collected (or make up a pretend weather report for a pretend city) to illustrate your understanding of weather concepts.

Make up a chart, graph, or diagram showing the parts of the anatomy, how electricity works, the solar system, the population and religions of countries of the world, etc. Here’s where you can use computer spreadsheet software.

Write a speech for a political figure trying to get elected or a citizen trying to have a law changed.

Make up a schedule of events happening during the Revolution.

Create a job application for an occupation from the time period being studied'

Create recipes which would be eaten by people in countries being studied, a menu for weight loss or disease prevention, or a menu for an ethnic restaurant.

Write a contract of sale or agreement between two parties such as a sales contract for one of Edison’s inventions or a contract between Columbus and the sailors for sailing to the new world.

Put together a consumer guide which compares two products such as Galileo’s telescope with brand “X”; compares one country with another as a vacation destination; or compares foods for nutritional value, taste, price, etc.

Write directions on how to locate a city using a map, how to build a pyramid using simple tools, or how to avoid lung cancer.

Create a directory of names, animals, collections, diseases, etc. Include descriptions, amounts, colors, sizes, classification, cures, symptoms, etc. This is a good project on which to use a computer database.

Construct a time line listing the events being studied and add graphics for interest.

Write a book report - 100's of ideas here.