Before you purchase curriculum, you need to know where your student is now. Use the following assessment tools to help you.

Math Assessment Resources

Saxon Math Placement test (If the link doesn't work, look for teacher resources and then placement tests.)

Texas TAKS test. Take these tests in order, starting with earliest grade level and continue as far as your student is able.

Placement tests from Calvert.

Free placement test from Sycamore Tree

If these free tests are unavailable, you can purchase tests from Bob Jones:  Click on Testing/Transcripts to purchase the Stanford or Iowa Basic Skills Test.

Reading Assessment Resources:

National Right to Read Competency Test

Dolch Sight Words


The advantage of using a rubric is that it is more objective. A rubric focuses on specific goals and show students how their work will be evaluated and what is expected of them.

Elementary Research Project Rubric

Middle School Research Project Rubric

Writing Rubrics

Preschool and Kindergarten Assessment

Learning Styles Assessment

Teaching Methods

Testing, Grades and Recordkeeping

The Checklist is a good resource for keeping track of what subjects you have taught and which you need to teach.