Teaching children at this age is both fun and hard work. Preschoolers and kindergartners are curious and love to learn. They love to play, explore, taste, feel, and listen. This makes teaching them fun.

However, they also have short attention spans, and they are all different. They have different interests, gifts, and abilities. One may be ready to read at 4; another at age 8. One may be ready to add at age 5; another at age 7. (My daughter taught herself to read at age 4 and 5; my son didn't read fluently until age 10.) 

Here are my three main recommendations for teaching children this age:

  • Teach in short intervals (1 minute per age is a good guideline)
  • Make it enjoyable for both of you
  • Recognize the differences in each of your children - don't use a cookie cutter education!

General Guidelines for Preschool

General Guidelines for Kindergarten

PreK and K Assessments (forms for assessing basic skills)

Curriculum for this age can be found at the library books, on the Internet, and in local education stores. You don't need to spend a lot of money. Most of it can be obtained for free.

Specific curriculum resources can be found in The Checklist Assistant.