1. Special Education Provisions in 50 States (HSLDA)
  2. Articles on Special Education by Kelly Allen
    1. Teaching Creative Kids Even WhenYou're Not
    2. The Panda Game
  3. Books and Articles on Homeschooling Children with Special Needs:
    1. Special Education provisions in all 50 states from HSLDA.
    2. NATHHAN Articles on special needs children.
    3. Homeschooling with Special Needs from NATHHAN.
    4. Article on recordkeeping for Special Needs Children.
    5. The Special Educator's Book of Lists by Roger, Ph.D. Pierangelo.
    6. Learning in Spite of Labels by Joyce Herzog (out of print - buy used).
    7. Choosing Home: Deciding to Homeschool With Asperger's Syndrome by Martha Hartnett.
    8. Home Educating Our Autistic Spectrum Children: Paths Are Made by Walking by Teri Dowty.
    9. Homeschooling the Child with ADD (or Other Special Needs) by Lenore Hayes.
    10. Other books and resources for special education families.
  4. Internet Resources
    1. Other than NATHHAN, HSLDA, and American Foundation for the Blind, I have no particular knowledge of any of these resources below. I present them for information only. If you want to share information about these related to homeschooling, good or bad, please e-mail me.
    2. American Foundation for the Blind: Library. (Free lending library).
    3. Assessible Media Producers Database (AMP). Search database for assessbile materials for the blind.
    4. National Challenged Homeschoolers Associated Network (NATHHAN)
    5. Seedlings resources for the blind.
    6. Gifted Homeschoolers Resources.
    7. ADD and ADHD Links
    8. Autism Games.
    9. Autism in the Christian Home.
    10. The Blind Readers' Page.
    11. Child Diagnostics. Free articles and fee-based diagnostics.
    12. DisabilityInfo.gov. Government services, laws and benefits.
    13. Disability Studies for Teachers: lesson plans.
    14. Duke University's Talent Identification Program.
    15. Dyslexia-parent.com- resources for parents and teachers.
    16. Dyslexia and free resources.
    17. Hadley School for the Blind. Distance Education.
    18. Home Based Speech Therapy.
    19. Homeschooling the Gifted Child.
    20. HSLDA's Homeschooling a Struggling Learner.
    21. International Dyslexia Association.
    22. Internet Special Education Resources.
    23. Learning Through Listening (RFB&D)- reading for the blind and dyslexic
    24. LD Online.
    25. Colombia Lighthouse for the Blind.
    26. National Braille Press - Children's Braille Book Club.
    27. National Library Service for the Blind. Lending library.
    28. Nature of Learning. Assessments, Workshops and consultation.
    29. Project Math Access. Techniques for teaching math to the visually impaired.
    30. Recorded Books (Charges for books)
    31. Sharon Hensley. Fee-based consulting and instruction.
    32. Self-employment and Entrepreneurship Information for persons experiencing disabilities.
    33. Shriner's (Free medical services for orthopedically challenged and burn victims, (800) 237-5055.)
    34. Special Needs Homeschooling.
    35. Zac Web Brower. Watch YouTube video for info. 
  5. Email Lists & Yahoo Groups:
    1. Learning At Home Yahoo group
    2. As You Like It Yahoo Groups (Secular group) Yahoo Group.
    3. Autism at Home Families at Yahoo group.
    4. Blind Homeschooler Yahoo Group.
    5. CMspecialkids: Charlotte Mason for Special Kids.
    6. Homeschooling and Downs Syndrome Yahoo group.
    7. Homeschooling Aspies Yahoo group.
    8. Home Schooling Kids with Special Needs Yahoo group.
    9. Homeschooling with Humor (shy, gifted, and ADD).
  6. Other Resources for Difficult Cases
    1. I've had so many calls from parents who simply are not able to homeschool for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, I don't have the answers for those situations, but here are some resources that might help.
      1. Teen Challenge. A Christian-based program for youth and adults with substance abuse problems. They have centers throughout the U.S. My husband, Bill, worked for Teen Challenge in Rehrersburg, PA, back in the late 80's and have seen how it can help those who WANT help.
      2. Girls and Boys Town. Short term and Residential Treatment Centers for boys and girls ages 7 – 18.