What is multi-level teaching?

Most homeschool parents have children in several grade levels. Rather than teaching each child using his own grade-level textbooks, many homeschool parents teach all their children the same subject at the same time, but give them assignments based on their ability. This is called multi-level teaching.

Multi-level teaching is easily accomplished and is the method of choice for most homeschooling parents. Their children are given their own math textbooks. Reading and handwriting instruction is given individually. The remainding subjects are taught as a group similar to the old, one-room schoolhouse.

This works really well in a homeschooling situation and takes much less time than using curriculum designed for grade-level classroom work. Many parents use a prepared lesson plan or Unit Study to teach multi-level. Others create their own lesson plans from scratch. Some prefer the structure of a textbook and work a unit study around the textbook.

A simple way to begin multi-level teaching is to use a prepared lesson plan or unit study. Try one of Cindy's free unit studies.

For those who like to create their own units, read the information on How to Create Your Own Unit Studies.

You can teach multi-level using textbooks, too. You don't have to do unit studies.

If you prefer using a traditional textbook to do multi-level teaching, select one textbook for all your children to use. For example, for children in 1st - 6th grade, A Beka's 4th grade science is a good choice.

Read each chapter orally to your children (or have them take turns reading as able) and discuss the questions orally.

Complete appropriate lab work and other hands-on activities together as a family project.

Finally, assign each child age-appropriate library books and written work to be done on their own as “homework.”

Schedule your unit in 6, 9, 12, 18, or 36 week segments. Use the chart below to determine how many lessons to prepare for each choice.

Sample Homeschool Schedule for Multi-level Teaching

For activity ideas use my Project Ideas for Unit Studies.

After you've started doing multi-level teaching, you'll want to purchase The Checklist to plan and keep track of your children's studies.

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