Help your students learn more by integrating projects, that reinforce learning styles, into their lesson plans:

Read/Write Learners:

Read library books related to the topic.

Complete a writing project related to the subject. See Writing Ideas.

Write a biography of a person studied. Have them answer:

When and where was this person born? 

Why is this person important in history?

What did he/she contribute?

Include a picture or drawing, if available. 

If a Christian, how did God influence this person’s work? (7th)

Create a Current Events Notebook. Include:

Read and cut out one article per week from the local paper and paste in a notebook.Write a short summary of the article in your own words.

Write a short “letter to the editor” about how you feel the event affects you, either positive or negative.Illustrate your summary with a “political” cartoon or drawing.

Write a paragraph or two on how this event relates to God’s plan. Use scripture if possible. (Use a concordance.) 7th+Write a bibliography to put at the end of the notebook. (7th+)

Write a country report for a country being studied.

Write a Position Paper about the topic. (7th+) Include:

1st paragraph: state position

Middle: facts and reason why you take that position

Ending: conclusion

Create a Quiz related to the topic using free resources at Personal Education Press.

Visual Learners:

Do an art project related to the topic.

Look at art work created by artists living during the time period.

Read a biography of artists who lived during the time period being studied.

Take photographs

Paint, color, or draw a picture

Create a Venn Diagram

Design a game board as a quiz on the topic

Design a poster or banner or bulletin board

Make a chart or graph

Make a flip book

Watch a video related to the topic. A great resource for this is Learning with the Movies.   

Draw or illustrate maps

Outline the events

Make a sculpture or clay model

Make booklets or scrapbooks

20th Century Decades Project. Pick one decade to research. Make a booklet with the following included:

World events

US events

Famous people


Timeline of major events

Map showing where major events occurredpictures and drawings

Time Line Project.

Create a time line of the topic being studied. Use paper (long butcher paper works well), computer, or any other method desired to create and illustrate the timeline. Illustrate. Or use my free, printable Timeline

Computer projects:

Create a slide show related to the topic

Research the Internet about the topic

Email a friend or relative about what you learned or did related to the project

Create a graph related to the topic

Create a spreadsheet related to the topic

Create a vocabulary word dictionary in word processor

Create a fill-in-the blank story related to the topic

Create a web page about the topic

Scan photos from field trip related to the topic and make a photo journal or scrapbook

Auditory Learners:

Real aloud

Listen to a lecture/speaker/radio show

Make a tape recording about the topic

Make up riddles or songs about the topic

Perform a song or recite a poem about the topic

Listen to and/or play music created by musicians living during a time period

Read a biography of musicians who lived during a time period being studied

Conduct a survey

Tell about the topic

Participate in a debate on the topic

Discuss the topic

Watch a video related to the topic. A great resource for this is Learning with the Movies.  

Kinesthetic Learners:

Do a science experiment related to the topic

Take a field trip related to the topic

Cook recipes related to the topic of study:

Research your country, states, or topic at the library to discover what kinds of foods are commonly.

Cook some of the recipes. 

Create a cookbook for a country of study:

Take photos of your recipes and paste in your "cookbook." 

Illustrate the cookbook with artwork 

Check out World Recipes for ideas

Edible Rock Recipes (Science "recipes")

Play a game related to the theme.

Hands-on science and history - Use the Checklist Assistant to find science kits, costumes, models, educational games, educational toys, etc. related to the topic of study. Select the specific science or history topic of study from the subject pulldown menu and "Kinesthetic" from the Learning Style pulldown menu.

Construct a diorama

Build a time capsule

Plant a garden

Collections: rocks, shells, stamps, photo cards, insects

Make a collage

Create a model

Hike on nature trails

Go to the zoo

Reenact an event or put on a play about a topic