Timelines are a great way to put history, science and other events into perspective. Here is a free, blank timeline and blank timeline pieces you can use to create your timeline.



Directions for free timeline:

Print the timeline - as many as you need.

Cut apart in middle between world history and US history.

Display in a row (for one) or two rows (for both) on the wall or 3-hole punch and place in a notebook. 

Mark off the timeline in units of time - years, centuries, however you desire. 

Make a timeline piece for each student's birthday, parents and grandparent's birthdays, or any other event that will make it more personal, and paste onto the timeline.

As you study a topic, create a timeline piece and place it on the timeline in its proper position. Have your students draw on the piece or find an image on the Internet that will represent the topic. Resize it to fit and paste on the timeline piece or directly on the timeline.

Other resources for timelines and timeline pieces can be found in The Checklist Assistant.