Although no one covers "everything there is to know," following a prepared plan will help you to prevent major “holes” in learning.

You can use a plan prepared by someone else such as a scope and sequence in textbooks, the one prepared by World Book, or your state standards. You can also create your own plan using The Checklist.

Here is one possible plan. I've also included links to free unit studies I've created to go with them, if available.

This plan is organized for a six year period. If you continue unit studies in middle and high school, simply repeat the pattern using more difficult materials. I will continue to add to this as I write more resources.

Science-Year 1

Anatomy: Five Senses (Sight, Sound, Touch, Taste, Smell), Safety

Geology: Rocks & Minerals

Botany: Plants, Plant Identification, Parts of a Plant, Life Cycle

Physics: Sound, Hearing, Doppler Effect, Speed of Sound, Transportation

Science-Year 2

Zoology: Insects, Bugs, Spiders

Astronomy: Time, Calendars, Seasons

Oceanography: Oceans, Lakes, Ponds, Rivers, Water Pollution

Physics: Light, Rainbows, Colors, Speed of Light, Reflection

Science-Year 3

Zoology: Mammals, Animal Habitats, Amphibians, Reptiles, Dinosaurs, Birds, Worms

Meteorology: Weather Forecasting, Climate, Clouds, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Tsunamis, & Other weather disasters

Oceanography: Ocean Life (Fish, Sponges, Crustaceans, Mollusks, Plant life)

Physics: Simple Machines, Technology, Inventors and Inventions

Science-Year 4

Anatomy: Health, Medicine, Nutrition, Genetics

Astronomy: Planets, Sun, Moon, Moon Phases, Tides, Constellations, Asteroids, Milky Way, Comets, Meteors

Botany: Biomes, Unusual Plants, Uses of Plants, Gardening

Physics: Electricity, Magnetism, Gravity

Science-Year 5

Zoology: Animal Classification, Camouflage, Migration, Hibernation, Conservation, Food Chains, Life Cycles, Microscopic Creatures

Geology: Earth’s Composition, Landforms, Soil, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Erosion

Oceanography: Ocean Exploration, Ocean Resources

Physics: Physical Science Unit, Sources of Energy, Laws of Motion

Science-Year 6

Anatomy: Body Systems

Astronomy: Space Exploration, Astronauts, Flight

Scientific Method

Chemistry: Matter, Compounds, Elements, Chemical Changes, Temperature, Uses of Chemistry