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What is the The Checklist Assistant? 

The Checklist Assistant is a database of learning resources that helps you meet the specific needs of your students:

The Checklist Assistant is for parents and teachers who create their own unit studies and lesson plans, teach multi-grades using a variety of teaching resources, or who want enrichment materials to supplement prepared curriculum or textbooks

The Checklist Assistant helps homeschooling parents and classroom teachers quickly locate resources on a specific topic such as insects, the Revolutionary War, or musical instruments. 

The Checklist Assistant includes links to resources for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners, as well as for the read/write learner.

The Checklist Assistant is easy to use and searchable by title, author, keyword, subject, geographic location, time period, age level, and format

The Checklist Assistant includes links to:

(1) Items that can be purchased in stores such as: books (fiction, biographies, and nonfiction), textbooks, e-books, audios, videos, learning games, educational toys, art supplies, and science lab equipment

(2) Links to free resources on the Internet such as: lesson plans, worksheets, maps, coloring pages, audios, videos, and games

How Do I Use The Checklist Assistant?

Simply log on, select from the pop-up menu or type in a search term, and hit "Search." The database presents a list of links to resources specific to your search.

Start first with a simple search - for example, if you're doing a lesson on Revolutionary War, select "Revolutionary War" from the SUBJECT pop-up menu. You will be presented with a list of books, kits, costumes, coloring pages, website links, online videos, etc. on the subject. 

Examples of other ways to search:

If you're looking for specific resources on the pilgrims, input “pilgrims” in the Keywords field and then hit “Search.”

If you're looking for an algebra textbook, select "Algebra" from the Subject field and "textbook" from the "Format" field.

If you want to do a unit on a specific country, select that country from the Geographic Location field.

If you want to do a unit on the 18th century, select that date range from the Time Period field.

If you want to find learning resources on insects for your 1st grade students, select "insects" in "Subject" field and "Elementary" in the Age Level field.

If you're looking for phonics resources for a specific learning style, select "phonics" from "Subject" field and the appropriate learning style from "Learning Style" field.

The Checklist Assistant Gets Better and Better!

New resources are added on a weekly basis. Check back often!

The Checklist Assistant Saves You Time!

With The Checklist Assistant, you’ll be able to create multi-level lesson plans and unit studies in less time. Instead of hunting through catalogs, online stores or local bookstores, you’ll find links to everything you need with the click of a button.  

The Checklist Assistant Saves You Money!

Although a portion of the items listed in The Checklist Assistant need to be purchased (Affiliate Disclosure), The Checklist Assistant links to online stores with DISCOUNTED prices, when available.

The Checklist Assistant also links to hundreds of websites with FREE RESOURCES that can be accessed online or downloaded for later use.

The Checklist Assistant results can be printed. Take the list  to your library and save money by BORROWING the books on the list!

How much does it cost and how do I purchase it?

The Checklist Assistant is available by subscription. Access the database anytime, as much as you want at your own convenience!

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