Are you a new homeschooler wondering how to get started? Are you already homeschooling, but stressed? It's taking too much time? Your curriculum is not working? Have a special problem that needs an answer?  

Have you downloaded my free, How To Homeschool e-Book? That's the first place to look. You might also try calling a local homeschool support group.

If you've tried all that and still have questions or would just like talk to someone face-to-face, Cindy Downes, a veteran homeschool more with more than 30 years experience, offers homeschool mentoring by phone at $25.00 for a one-hour session.

During the hour, you can ask her any questions you have about homeschooling, whether it’s questions about getting started, curriculum recommendations, how to write a lesson plan, high school credits, or any other specific problems you are having in your homeschool. There are no “stupid” questions. If Cindy doesn't know the answer, she will get back to you with the answer. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Pay your mentoring fee online through this website. Be sure to input the number of hours desired and provide your current email address and phone number so Cindy can contact you. NOTE: There are a limited number of appointments available. First come, first serve. 
  • Cindy will contact you to set up an appointment for the mentoring session. This is for the appointment only. No questions will be answered at this time.
  • Next, you will receive an email with questions about your homeschool experience and instructions on what to do before the phone mentoring session. You don’t have to answer the questions and return them ahead of time, but by doing so, it will help Cindy minimize the time needed to assist you and save you money. ☺
  • On the day of the session, Cindy will call you at the appointed time. You can discuss anything you want (related to homeschooling) during that time. Cindy will end the session on time, regardless of whether you are done or not, in order to keep on schedule with her other appointments. If you need more time, you can schedule an additional session for another time or you can pay for additional time during the phone call.


Cindy, your mentoring service is exactly what I needed to move forward in my plans to homeschool my three young children. I was having a lot of anxiety at the prospect of finding the right curriculum and desperately needed to talk to someone that has done this before and succeeded! (I prefer talking in person over email.)

After talking to you, I felt reassured and confident that I could do this! I appreciate the time that you took to not only mentor me, but also to do the research ahead of time on what curriculum might work for my family. I am very grateful that you offer this service! It is exciting to know that you have been there and can offer words of advice and encouragement to those who are just starting out. God Bless You!!!

Angela L., Germany