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Premier Membership (COMING SOON)

The Premier Membership provides unlimited access to multi-grade-level, online lesson plans on a variety of subjects, designed to complement The Checklist and The Checklist Assistant. These Lesson Plans are similar to my Oklahoma History Online curriculum.

Although the Lesson Plans are flexible (They can be taught as a 3-6 week course, an 18-week semester, or a one-year course.), I have organized them into six-week units, doing two lessons per week, with a third day for makeup work. With a six-week schedule, you should plan on spending about one to two hours each day on the course. 

The first Lesson Plans available will be American History (divided in several units), as well as Presidents and Elections. Additional Lesson Plans in history and science, as well as other subjects, will be added over time.

Each Lesson Plan includes activities for all grade levels (K-12th), in all learning styles, and that cover literature, history, science, music, art, composition, and Bible, as well as a touch of math.

The Lesson Plan can be completed without purchasing additional books or equipment; however, I've including some optional suggestions that will make the Lesson Plans even more fun. These optional suggestions may involve additional purchases.

Each Lesson Plan Includes:

Notes: Background information on the topic for the parents

Website Research: Links to a variety of learning resources on the Internet 

Timeline (included in history lesson plans): A printable Timeline of major events related to the topic, as well as printable Timeline pieces to color and paste on the Timeline. These are PDF documents.

Notebook: Instructions for parents to help each student create a notebook for the Unit - use instead of tests and grades for assessment

Optional Bible Study: Suggestions for optional Bible reading related to the topic, as well as a short composition or oral project related to the reading

The following activities are optional:

You do not have to complete all these activities in order to complete the course.

Optional Learning Style Activities:  

Read/Write Learner Projects: Suggestions for books to read (borrow at the library or purchase), composition projects assignments, vocabulary work, and printable worksheets

Visual Learner Projects: Suggestions for art projects, crafts, charts & graphs, printable coloring pages, and videos

Auditory Learner Projects: Suggestions for music, poetry, and oral reports

Kinesthetic Learner Projects: Suggestions for games, drama, recipes, hands-on projects, and/or lab work

Hardware & Software Requirements:

You will need Internet access (high speed recommended to take advantage of all the features)

The latest version of Acrobat Reader to access printable worksheets, coloring pages, and timeline