The Checklist is a valuable resource that will save you time and money, if you know how to use it. Here are some tips:

Using The Checklist as an assessment tool:

As soon as you get your copy of The Checklist, go through and check off every topic that your child has already studied. The first column is for Gr. K-8; the second column is for 9-12. Don't worry if your child has not mastered a particular topic (other than sequential topics such as math). He or she will study most topics more than once. Now, look at the topics remaining and choose from these for your next year of study.

Using The Checklist as a record keeper:

As you go through the school year, check off each topic as it is studied. At the end of the year, use what is remaining to create your lesson plans for the next year. Once your student reaches 9th grade, start over with the second column. Remember, your child will NOT cover every topic in The Checklist. Cover the basics and then select topics that best suit your child's needs, goals and abilities.

Using The Checklist as a lesson planner:

The Checklist is a great tool for planning multi-level lesson plans or unit studies. If you need help, read over Multi-level Teaching.

Here is a sample unit based on The Checklist: Animals Unit Study by Cindy Downes.

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